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With the increase in schools and colleges, dormitories for 'hostel type' accommodation is an absolute must! Smart Spaces helps you house students inexpensively yet comfortably.

We offer hostels meant for accommodation for studying and working professionals. Our engineers have kept in mind attributes like natural light, ventilation and mobility while creating these hostels. Our clients can have these hostels in different sizes and specifications as per their requirements.


A typical inexpensive dormitory from Smart Spaces has the following features/specifications:


  • Compact yet comfortable individual rooms with storage and a sink


  • Customized per client needs


  • Superior corrugated finish


  • Walls and ceilings internally laminated
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Adequate lighting
  • Well defined individual study cum living units
  • Furniture to store books and belongings

Temperature Control and Insulation

  • Adequate insulation for heat and sound

Electrical Specifications

  • Wiring, wall sockets, distribution board, light fixtures as applicable
  • Provision for AC units, fans and additional lights

Windows and Doors

  • Double doors for security
  • 3' x 3' annodised windows with tinted glasses
  • MS grills for windows to provide additional security

Bathroom and Toilet

  • Modern bathrooms with showers


  • Stone top pantry
  • Fully functional kitchen
  • Adequate storage


  • No foundation required
  • Ten-year structural warranty
  • Units transportable by truck, rail or ship
  • Great resistance to natural disasters
  • Weatherproof


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