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Our FAQs section provides answers to most of your questions. In case you have a more specific question of your own please feel free to write to us.



Q: Aren't steel structures just hot ovens when they are used for homes or offices?
A: No. Smart Spaces provides adequate insulation and ventilation that regulates temperatures within the space.
Q: What about rust and corrosion? Won't a metal structure rust quite easily?
A: No. It is made of IS 2062 grade of MS and is built to withstand ocean air, humidity and saltwater. Smart Spaces uses special chlorinated rubber paint coupled with regular maintenance which ensures trouble free and corrosion free utilisation.
Q: Who wants to live in a home that looks like a cargo container?
A: Most of the homes do not look like shipping / cargo containers. The 'container looking' structure is only the super-structure shell. It can be covered with any surface – wood, stucco… It looks quite trendy in its natural form too – we can provide one or more containers adjacent to each other, which provide a perfect planned living space.
Q: Why promote the use of steel structures in home and office construction?
A: These structures are: stronger than wood and concrete – hence we work with this exterior. They also allow us to offer our clients a lower cost per square foot than other base structures.




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