Key advantages

Instant homes and offices using shipping containers offer a range of advantages. From a commercial standpoint there is a significant advantage of being very quick and inexpensive. This is true for constructions where we recycle used containers or when we fabricate new ones. Construction is done offsite and installation / assembling at your site is brisk and convenient.

Since construction is modular, changes and additions are easy, keeping with the dynamic needs of today's environment. These modular units are portable, hence increasing their value manifold.

Our construction is very strong, enabling us to make structures with multiple storeys and also ensuring long lasting, trouble free homes or offices.

Last but not the least, all our structures have substantial resale value, unlike brick and mortar structures.

Following are some of the advantages of using Smart Spaces construction over conventional construction:

Construction: Smart Spaces Conventional
Typical cost: 60% of conventional         -
Time to construct: 20% of conventional         -
International acceptance: Popular, trend of the future Decreasing in popularity
Usable area: Approx. 97% Approx. 70%
Strength: Very strong Moderate
Reusable: Yes No
Resale value: High Low
Adding to construction: High, because of modular units Low
Waterproof: 100% Tends to leak
Eco-friendly: Yes No
Maintenance: Low Medium to high
Construction: Off-site On-site


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